About Us

Derived from the Japanese word kidori, meaning panache, Kidoriman represents your flamboyant spirit. Once reserved for the streets of New York, the integration of “street style” into our everyday wardrobes has evolved from the ubiquitous ripped jeans, jodhpurs, and chunky chains. Today, it’s demonstrated in a stylish, unique, and elegant take on classic pants, shirt, and hoodies.

At Kidoriman, we know you want to level up your unique and sophisticated sense of street style. To do that, you need a brand that not only provides great service but one that also offers curated and authentic designs that are based on Japanese streetwear, a blend of Japanese traditional cuts and patterns mixed in with a more modern Harajuku aesthetic. We provide both.

We believe you can pull off the exact look you want with the top quality you expect. We understand how discerning you are, which is why we offer you one-of-a-kind styles while assuring you of excellent purchase assistance.

Our Story

The global scene is a playground of great streetwear reflecting different cultural influences. From New York hip hop to Californian skateboarding and surfing fashion to the Tokyo club scene, street style is an everyman’s runway and is a legitimate source of inspiration.

However, we noticed an absence of Asian, particularly Japanese, street fashion inspiration that’s authentic and of excellent quality. Kidoriman was born to fill that vacuum. We put together a fabulous team to select not only the outfits with the best construction but also those that are cutting-edge, casual, and cool -- just like you.


Each Kidoriman piece was handpicked for comfort, urban sophistication, and the incredible details only you would notice.

When you wear anything from our collection, you can totally express yourself and feel confident. We address everything in the background so you can sit back, relax, shop, and just enjoy.

Our clients say...

  • My favorite pants. Theyre so comfy, express that I’m a cat man, and are the perfect length and fabric for pretty much all weather (I wear shorts in snow). Kudos, Kidoriman.


    Kyle M.

  • These pants are great for hiking in, great for lounging around the house in, and great to wear when you're going out to meet friends. I've used them in all three settings. They're comfortable, warm, and baggy exactly where I need them to be.


    Michael H.

  • Fantastic concert shirt which allows you to move and look elegant in a concert setting. Got lots of compliments for it. Would recommend this shirt-jacket to any other musician.


    Bernard Z.