Establish Your Unique Style

Style isn’t easy and looking stylish isn’t simple. 

That’s why most people look like everybody else and don’t show off what makes them unique. That’s a shame. Because when you do, and I KNOW you do, there’s something powerful about how you feel.  

Cool. Confident. Charismatic.

Kidoriman is for people bold enough to look better. To rock their true colors. And to be brave enough to establish their own style. 

Become a pioneer of looking perfectly like YOU.

Here’s how you do it with Kidoriman

✔️ Be Unique

Even in Japan, not many people have the confidence to stand out with how they dress. But that’s why you should wear Kidoriman because you’re doing something many people can’t or too afraid to do. 

✔️ Mix The Classic With The Modern 

We’re inspired by the old-school fashion of Japan, but we combine it with a kick of modern swagger that creates a killer, unforgettable combination. What you get is a look most people are begging to feast their eyes on. 

✔️ Wearing Kidoriman Exudes Confidence

There’s a certain aura that comes with our clothes. It’s both relaxed and serious, casual and formal, subtle but ridiculously stylish. Put it all together and you feel king-like confidence too good to pass up.