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Spot on! I purchased this sweater for my boyfriend and the embroidery is super clean and the colors are very vibrant. I would definitely buy it again.

Flora T. (Verified Customer)

Awesome design, maximum comfort. Looks really cool, helps build one's style. Perfect design for all who want to look like ninjas.

Atul S. (Verified Customer)

These are amazing - rich, solid material - great fit - exactly what I was hoping they’d be! They are roomy, comfortable, robust and a refreshing (for me) departure from skinny-legged and tight- cuffed joggers.

Paul R. (Verified Customer)

Wow! This sweatshirt is amazing! Get compliments every time I wear it. The embroidery is high quality and beautiful!

Jeremy R. (Verified Customer)

Good Quality, well made, nice soft fabric, very airy and flowy, very comfortable as advertised, they make you look like a ninja straight away! I will come back for more.

Alejandro C. (Verified Customer)

This piece is SOOO gorgeous! when I first saw it, I instantly fell in love. The embroidery is beautiful and high quality, the shirt itself is heavy and you can feel that it's not cheap at all. The material for the lining of the sweatshirt is luxurious to the point where you really don't want to take it off!

Sydney B. (Verified Customer)
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